Neuro System Design

University of Rhode Island1998
M.M. in Music
University of Rhode Island1996
B.M. in Music
Top Forensic Examiner (NCFI)2021
Significant Case (NCFI)2021
Top Forensic Examiner (NCFI)2020
Mayor’s Award for Exceptional Achievement2017
Employee of the Quarter (HPD)2014
Pi Kappa Lambda Music Honors1997 - 1998
Honolulu Police Department2008 - Present
Lieutenant of Cyber Crimes, Computer Forensics and Crime Analysis
Programmed the Honolulu Police Department’s website, intranet, and Records Management Systems
Musicated / Neuro System Designs1998 - Present
Owns and writes software for Mac, PC, Android and iOS
University of Maryland Global Campus2023 - Present
Teaching the course, Digital Computer Forensics in the Criminal Justice System
Xerox Hawaii2007 - 2008
System Analyst
Twelve Tone Systems (Cakewalk)1998 - 2007
Music Software Company - Technical Support
National Computer Forensic Institute (NCFI)February 2022 - Present
Techincal Advisory Council Member
GIAC Advisory Board (SANS)October 2021 - Present
Hacker Tools, Techniques, and Incident HandlingFebruary 2023
SANS SEC504: On-Demand Training
Peer to Peer InvestigationsFebruary 2023 Police Training Academy
Ransomware Incident Response TrainingOctober 2022
NCFI: Hoover, AL
Advanced Network Forensics: Threat Hunting, Analysis, and Incident ResponseAugust 2022
SANS FOR572: On-Demand Training
Reverse-Engineering Malware: Malware Analysis Tools AND TechniquesApril 2022
SANS FOR610: On-Demand Training
File System Recognition Electronic Sterilization and HashingApril 2022
NCFI: Online Training
Business Email Compromise InvestigationsMarch 2022
NCFI: Online Training
Video Forensic Training Class Level 4December 2021
Law Enforcement and Energy Services Video Association International (LEVA): Online Training
Advanced Incident Response, Threat Hunting, and Digital ForensicsOctober 2021
SANS FOR508: On-Demand Training
Ransomware Incident Response TrainingOctober 2021
NCFI: Hoover, AL
Audio Fundamentals: Hear and HowAugust 2021
LEVA: Police Training Academy
Video Forensic Training Class Level 3August 2021
LEVA: Police Training Academy
Macintosh Forensics Training ClassApril 2021
NCFI: Hoover, AL
Incident Response Analysis ClassFebruary 2021
NCFI: Online Training
Windows Memory Forensic ClassJuly 2020
NCFI: Online Training
Digital Currency Course Forensic ClassJune 2020
NCFI: Online Training
Chip-Off and ISP Advanced Cell PhoneSeptember 2019
TEEL Tech: San Jose, CA
Adobe Photoshop for Forensic Video AnalystsJune 2019
LEVA: Police Training Academy
Windows Forensic CourseApril 2019
SANS FOR500: Honolulu Community College
Video Forensic Training Class Level 2September 2017
LEVA: Police Training Academy
Advanced Computer Forensic ClassAugust 2017
NCFI: Hoover, AL
Video Forensic Training Class Level 1February 2017
LEVA: Police Training Academy
Network Intrusion Forensic ClassSeptember 2016
NCFI: Hoover, AL
Basic Computer Forensic ClassAugust 2015
NCFI: Hoover, AL
GNFA CertificationSANS
GREM CertificationSANS
GCFE CertificationSANS
GCFA CertificationSANS
CCO CertificationCellebrite
CCPA CertificationCellebrite
CASA CertificationCellebrite
Certified InspectorCellebrite
Forensic Video TechnicianLEVA
Chip-OffTeel Tech
Teel Tech In-Service Programming (ISP)Teel Tech
PHP Fundamentals IZEND
PHP Fundamentals IIZEND